Getting Ready For a Ballroom Class: What to Wear

So you’ve enrolled in ballroom dancing lessons in Indianapolis, got your schedule, and met your dance instructor. The first day of class is fast approaching and you’re excited, but do you know the right outfit to wear?

While it may be trivial for many, the right outfit can make a difference on the floor. Whether you’re dancing ballet, clogging, jazz, or ballroom, you need to have the right attire to make dancing more comfortable and enjoyable. Ballroom dancing classes involve physical activity and tend to last for an hour or more, so it’s important to wear the proper attire during class.

For Women

During ballroom dance classes, women can wear their usual gym or yoga outfits such as leggings and a comfortable shirt or tank top. If you want to prepare yourself for the actual dance, however, you may want to wear a practice skirt or dress, as these outfits are the basic attire used in ballroom dancing. Students can also wear a long flowing skirt, but never A-line, tight, and micro-mini types of skirts, as they restrict the movements of the legs and thighs. A tight-fitting shirt with sleeves would also be appropriate for a dancing class.

For Men

While some people say that most people look at the woman during ballroom dances, it doesn’t mean men should dress sloppily. Men should wear something along the line of business casual. They can go with slacks or clean jeans and a nice shirt, paired with leather shoes. A tie would certainly impress the teacher, but it is not appropriate for an informal dance class. The same goes with regular suits and jackets.

The Shoes

Wearing the right type of shoes during a ballroom dancing class in Indianapolis is important for students, as they will be spending most of their time on their feet. Men should never wear tennis shoes or sneakers, or anything else with a rubber bottom. Not only do these shoes’ rubber soles mark up the floor, they can also make gliding, a general step in ballroom dancing, more difficult to execute. In addition, rubber shoes are heavier and require more effort to move. As for the women, the same rule applies: don’t wear rubber shoes. To get used to the actual ballroom dancing, women should practice dancing with heels on. They should choose those with a strap over the top or around the ankle, so the shoes stay on their feet. Beginners can wear flat leather shoes, though.

Wearing the right outfit to a ballroom dancing class in Indianapolis is more than just about style or impressing your teacher or fellow students. The right clothes and shoes ensure a safer dance class and can make for a more comfortable experience.