Dealing with Swimmer’s Itch

Swimmer’s itch is an itching rash brought to you by cercariae trematode worms or larval schistosomes, which are parasites living on beach birds, water fowl, and beach mammals and snails. These are released from infected snails, and travel through the water and penetrate the skin of their hosts. They penetrate human skin, causing an allergic reaction.

Who are at risk?

People who wade or swim in parasite-infested water that did not undergo pool cleaning in Phoenix may experience this. Both sexes and all age groups are involved, but children are infected more often due to their habits. They often allow the water to evaporate off the skin instead of drying promptly.

Signs and Symptoms

Once the infested water evaporates off the skin, a tingling sensation may be felt. This is linked to the penetration of the cercariae. Irritated spots transform into papules or macules two days, and itching may last for many days.

Such not only happens in lakes and seas, but also in any body of water that did not undergo pool service in Phoenix. Note that somebody’s first exposure to such water may not result in the itchy rash. Repeated exposure, however, increases a person’s sensitivity to the cercariae and raises the chance of developing a rash.

Symptom-Based Treatment

Most cases do not require medical attention. If you have a rash, however, you may then try applying corticosteroid cream, baking soda paste, anti-itch lotion, and cool compresses. You may also take baking soda baths or colloidal oatmeal baths.Do not scratch, as this may cause infection.

An Ounce of Prevention

Swimmer’s itch begins in late May or early June. In some lakes, ocean areas, and unattended pools, infestation lasts the entire summer. Reducing the number of animals in swimming areas will greatly lessen the risk of swimmer’s itch infection.

Swim away from the shore to avoid snails on the shoreline. Wipe excess liquids immediately after wading or swimming, especially children. Don’t feed the birds, as this encourages them to stay near swimming areas.

Take heart, as this happens all the time. As long as you enlist this pool service in Scottsdale, then there is no risk of swimmer’s itch.