Submarine Car Used In James Bond Film Sells For $920,000

SONY DSCA submarine car, known as the Lotus Esprit and used in the James Bond film series, was sold at an auction in London for $920,167.

Car-shaped submarine

Although it’s features are similar to a car, actually, it’s not really a car at all. The white, wedge-shaped vehicle has no wheels and is more of a car-shaped submarine.

Another car was used for the film’s driving shots, and separate parts were used for the close-up filming in which the car’s wheels turn into wing-like fins. This was the vehicle that was made famous in the film.

In the film, Bond, played by Roger Moore, is seen driving the sub with a passenger, played by Barbara Bach, inside a dry compartment. The submarine doesn’t actually have anything like an automobile’s interior.

The iconic Lotus

The iconic Lotus submarine car is a so-called “wet submarine,” which means it fills with water when submerged, so the driver needs to wear a wet suit and breathe air from a tank.

After shooting had ended for the 1977 movie, the vehicle was presented at car shows and used to promote the film.

A bidding war reportedly ensued at the RM auctions event the room, after an opening offer of £100,000.  An anonymous telephone bidder won and will pay a total of £629,000 for the submarine.