Why Plastic Isn’t Fantastic: 4 Tips on Making Your Home Plastic-Free

using reusable plastic bottlesPlastic items are everywhere and it’s nearly impossible to remove them from our entire household. From drinking water to packing food, we can never really get rid of plastics in favor of saving our ecosystem. Just visit a grocery store and try to fill up your cart with items that don’t use plastic at all. It’s tough; it’s probably not possible.

While it will take hundreds of years to eliminate the presence of plastic, you can reduce its effects to make sure you’re living in a safer way. Just follow these steps.

Start appreciating metal and wood

Make metal or wood your main kitchen material instead of using plastic containers. But don’t just chuck your old plastic items away, as they’ll become a more serious problem when they end up all around you for many years. Recycle it or find a local recycling center that accepts them in exchange for cash.

Never expose plastic to heat

If you still can’t let go of those plastic items, do yourself and the ecosystem a favor by not subjecting them to heat. When you heat plastic, it releases more chemicals faster than normal. Use heat-resistant glass or metal containers whenever you can. Just because the plastic says “Microwave Safe” doesn’t mean it’s totally safe. It just means the plastic won’t distort when you use it in the microwave.

Use recyclable containers

Stop using disposable water bottles. A one-time investment of $20 or so will get you a reusable plastic bottle that will last for years to come. That means great savings as you will not shell out cash for bottled water. You can also drink tap water directly, as these reusable bottles have built-in filters for safer drinking.

No more plastic baggies

Plastic bags don’t have to be your last choice. You can use paper bags or metal containers instead of that old plastic you got from a grocery store.

Using a personalized water bottle for drinking or just eliminating plastic bags can create a huge impact on your personal life and the society. This is also a clear demonstration that small steps can go a long way.