From Sydney with Love: Planning a Date in Australia

yatchYou would usually think of having a usual dinner, watching your favourite movies, or a giving a costly gift. But things have changed now. And the traditional way of dating your loved one just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Dating can be so much fun, and you can pull it off by just applying a little bit of creativity. Since the State of Sydney offers a vibrant outdoor lifestyle, you’ll surely have plenty of ideas on how to make a romantic getaway.

Dinner on the Sydney Harbour

Enjoying your favourite food,drinking champagne, and viewing the picturesque Sydney skyline. Few things can be more romantic. You might be surprised to know that you and your partner can actually enjoy the view of the whole city from the deck of a yacht of your last minute cruise. Many businesses in Sydney offer such evening cruises, and some come with great food and champagne. But regardless of which company you choose, you and your significant other will surely love the view of the city from afar as you wine and dine and dance the night away to the sound of on-board entertainment and the serene ocean in the background.

Just enjoy the beach

Other than enjoying a last minute cruise at the Sydney Harbour, the long stretch of beach along Australia is also a remarkable place where you and your partner can spend your whole night cuddling then waiting for the sun to come up. And if the two of you are die-hard surfing fans, then you’ll surely love the great waves along the coast of Sydney.

Ride a Bi-Plane

Romantic getaways aren’t always about candlelight dinners and sweet whispers in the moonlight. Sometimes, having an adventure can really ignite the embers of love. Take your date a little bit higher—literally—and fly over the scenic Blue Mountains on a bi-plane. A few tips of the wings later, you and your partner’s adrenaline will be pumping, and you’ll return to the ground feeling sure that this was one of the best dates ever.

A scenic harbour, terrific and pristine beaches, and a wide selection of restaurants. These all make Sydney one of the most interesting romantic spots in the Southern Hemisphere.