Channeling the Land of the Rising Sun in Your Living Room

japanese inspired living roomHomeowners who want to go for an Asian-themed home have many choices in front of them. For one, you could go for a Chinese design that features bold colors and ornate furniture pieces. You can also go for an Indian look in your room by using native fabrics. Still, a design that’s widely popular across the world is going for a Japanese theme in your living room. Before going to a furniture store in Los Angeles or anywhere else, take these tips into account:

Go for Simplicity

Japanese homes are known for their innate minimalism. When you want to achieve this theme, make sure that you’re not going overboard with directions. Few, low furniture pieces and select accents are a good way to have that strong Japanese feel. Make sure that you establish clean lines in the room and remove all clutter. You want the living room to be as spotless and as simple as possible.

Wood is in

Bamboo is closely associated with East Asian countries such as Japan and China. With that said, check a trusted furniture store near you for Japanese living room pieces and see the kinds of wooden tables they have. One good design is getting a low wooden table and cushions instead of chairs. Do note that you don’t have to limit yourself to bamboo. After all, wood is a key element in Japanese design.

Make Colors Work

Traditional Japanese designs would tell you to stick to earth colors. Still, you could play with color as long as you keep it simple and make it work. To add a modern touch to your Japanese living room, use blacks, whites, and browns along with a central color accent such as sky blue or pale mint green.

Choose Accents and Décor Carefully

You can decorate the room, but do it sparingly. Japanese design thrives in its ambiance of simplicity. You could install tatami flooring or place Shoji lamps. You can also consider placing Japanese charcoal sketches or adorning your table with a vase of faux cherry blossoms or Sakura. Water features also work in this design. It’s also ideal that you take the Japanese vibe outside and create a rock garden.

With the many furniture stores in the US, it’s easy to decorate your living room on your preferred style. When going for a Japanese look, all you’ll have to remember is to stick with natural and simple furniture pieces, color schemes, and decorations to channel that serene vibe.