Expert Says Social Media To Blame For HIV Spread

There has been a 10 precent increase in reported HIV cases across Australia during the past year.

Social Media

aidsPaul Sendziuk, an associate professor in the University of Adelaide, said that social media is partly to blame in the spread of HIV and AIDS in the country. According to Sendziuk, social media and “meet up” apps have made it easier for people to have casual sex.

“Social media is a bit of a double-edged sword. It presents a challenge in that it allows people to hook up for anonymous sex more easily,” Sendziuk said. “Having sex with people that they don’t know anything about, who they don’t know how to necessarily communicate with or be maybe particularly honest with… can lead to risky behaviours and possible infections,” he added.

Recreational Drugs

The expert said that the upward trend in AIDS is common in gay and indigenous communities. Drugs, according to Sendziuk, also encourage unsafe sex. The professor said that the real threats today are “recreational drugs,” which put people in a state of euphoria.