Gold Coast: Offering Great Investment Opportunities

The Gold Coast has been Queensland’s most renowned tourist destination for a long time. Attracting more than 10 million daytrip and overnight visitors that spend an average of $4 billion every year, the city has a vibrant tourism industry. The Gold Coast, however, is not only perfect for visitors. It’s also ideal for investors and aspiring business owners. The city’s seventy kilometres of magnificent coastline, large tropical rainforests, World Heritage sites, pristine beaches, and theme parks make for a great business environment that drives long-term prosperity.

Whether you’re looking for an ideal place to establish your business, or thinking about expanding or moving your company to a better location, the Gold Coast is the perfect place for you.

Hotel and Restaurant Business


You’ve seen the numbers. Gold coast attracts millions of tourists every year, making it an ideal place to establish a hotel or restaurant business. Accommodation options available in the city range from Surfers paradise backpacker hostels to five star hotels and resorts. The most common types of accommodations are three- to four-star self-contained apartments. Whatever type of accommodations you plan to establish, you’ll surely have guests all throughout the year. Putting up a restaurant business is also ideal in here, as it has a steady stream of diners.

Marine Destinations

The marine destinations here are some of the best in the world, contributing significantly to making the city a great place to visit. The man-made and natural waterways provide both direct and indirect benefit to the tourism, marine, and development sectors that support its local economy. You can take part in the city’s marine destination projects by setting up a business that diversifies the range of marine tourism experiences and products it offers visitors.

Surf Cultural Tourism

With the reputation of being a world-class surf destination, the Gold Coast offers investors an opportunity to develop an innovative tourism product or experience focusing on the city’s surf culture and its growing linkages with festivals, art, and the Gold Coast community. You can establish a business that focus on the people, fashion, language, or life surrounding the sport of fishing. The city is planning to host an accredited Surf Culture Museum, which would house a permanent collection of world-class exhibition material and attract surf-cultural related activities. You can build your business under this new initiative and help the city draw more tourists and visitors.

Apart from Gold Coast backpackers’ accommodations and marine and surf tourism opportunities, the Gold Coast provides investors many other amazing business ventures. Visit the city and discover a variety of business opportunities just waiting to be explored.