Blinds vs Curtains: Choosing the Better Option for Every Room

venetian blindsThe choice between blinds and curtains for window treatments has always been a challenging task. While curtains may have been the go-to option for the luxurious feel, blinds have become a popular choice, too. Known for their economic pricing and functionality, well-designed venetian blinds give homeowners an equally stylish look that’s far less expensive.

Privacy, size, illumination, and energy efficiency are some factors to consider when deciding which of the two will work best for your room. To help you decide, here are some useful tips:

Living Area

Curtains give a homier and relaxed atmosphere. As they come in different styles, owners can choose which best reflects their preferences to make their space look decorative. They’re a great choice for this part of the house, as they can match any décor. You can even dress them up with headings or padded pelmets.

Blinds, on the other hand, have become an ideal choice for practical and aesthetic reasons. Wider blinds are excellent for open plan lounge and living areas, while Roman blinds give a chic look. Motorised blinds, meanwhile, have added functionality, as you can adjust the amount of light and privacy from your seat. Add outdoor blinds and shades in your porch, but make sure they’re made from materials that can withstand any weather.


Add height and depth to smaller bedrooms by installing Roman Blinds a few inches below the ceiling to create the illusion of a taller ceiling. The windows will look larger than their actual size, both in height and width. The room also feels brighter and livelier. For people who enjoy sleep-ins or prefer dark-lit rooms, install blockout roller blinds.

For the kid’s bedroom, curtains may be the better choice, as they can turn into hiding spots for children during games of hide-and-seek.


Curtains are seldom used in the bathroom. For those who prefer a combination of curtains and blinds, however, Roman blinds are the best alternative. Like curtains, common Roman blind designs have luxurious drapes on top of a typical blinds’ functionality. Some curtain fabrics may not work inside the bathroom. But with Roman blinds, you can get the curtain’s decorative feel as they come in both a selection of fabrics and classic timber planks.