Double Bathroom Vanity Units: The Choice

adding bathroom vanity unitThere is nothing better than not having to share bathroom counter space or to wait for a turn at the sink, especially when you’re rushing in the morning. If your bathroom has enough space for a double bathroom vanity unit, you can now get started in selecting a double vanity that’s ideal for your bathroom.

Necessary Elements

When getting a double vanity, consider some elements including symmetry, mirror or mirrors and lighting. It’s important to consider the counter space in front of both sinks as well. If there is not enough clearance in front of both sinks to stand comfortably, do not cram a unit into your bathroom. If you rearrange the other components in your bathroom appropriately, however, you can make it work.

Additional Storage

A double vanity can offer additional storage beneath. When selecting a unit, look for many drawers and shelves that can mean a clutter free bathroom and never missing a clean towel or roll of toilet paper.

Overall Design

If you adore a certain design for a sink, choose a double vanity that allows you to install two basins functionally and aesthetically. As an alternative, go for a unit that accommodates one extra-long sink split into two compartments and with two faucets. If done right, it can offer additional counter space and elevated horizontal surface.

If you want your unit to have the features you want in addition to the necessary elements, have it custom built. With a custom built unit, you can have an Oak double bathroom vanity unit with an expansive counter and ample storage underneath. A custom built unit can offer a boutique hotel feel to your bathroom as well.

Consider these ideas to get started on choosing a unit that suits your bathroom. With proper planning and enough space, you can have a double vanity that can add extra comfort and style to your home.