Unique Experience Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Partner

unique giftsGift-giving is a fulfilling experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking if you have no idea what to give your special someone. Foodies can pose a real challenge, as they’re very particular. Additionally, giving them some kitchen equipment is a possible pitfall, as they might already have the same item.

All is not lost, though, as there are unique experience gift ideas you could go for when you’re clueless about what to give.

For the connoisseur

Wine is something many people appreciate. This isn’t a simple purchase of the finest bottle you see at the local store, but more of a hands-on approach to make the experience more memorable and enjoyable.

Wine tasting is a great option, as there are packages that offer 3-month long wine tasting experiences, with six boutique bottles delivered to your doorstep every month to satisfy your partner’s palate. To make it more interactive, you can also go for a winemaking class. With this experience, you get to choose your own grapes and play with the sweetness and oak of your blend, opening endless possibilities of flavor combinations your foodie partner would surely find thrilling.

For the culinary buccaneer

Some want a more adventurous experience, which calls for street food tours. These trips are a great way to spend quality time and keep each other’s bellies full with the best goodies alleys and roads could offer, especially in street food havens like Hong Kong.

Tea tasting is an adventure you should both try, too.

You could also refine your partner’s skills with kitchen alchemy with a cooking class. There are private packages for those who want an intimate time cooking together. It’s a great way to learn or improve you and your partner’s flairs for preparing certain cuisines.

For the classy gastronome

You can always go for a classier approach for your gift, especially when you have a highly particular food lover with you. Hiring private chefs will let you choose the dishes you’d have for that meal, or throw a gourmet BBQ for you and your friends.

It may not be easy to buy material presents for your foodie partner, but with experience gifts, you cannot go wrong.