Preparing a Corvette for “Show and Tell”

When getting your Corvette ready for a car show, a club tour, or a meet-up in Salt Lake City, you want it properly clean, and here’s how you do it:

car detailing

Buy a Detail Kit

Even though using the good old dish soap and dog towel is tempting due to a detail kit’s high price, resist the impulse. Corvettes need quality detail kits.

Fortunately, you can get good auto detailing products at local auto parts stores and discount retail stores, or online shops.

Local stores can provide professional-quality products at reasonable prices, allowing you to build your supply according to your budget. If you prefer to buy online, however, online stores can also provide high-quality products with direct shipping.

When buying a detail kit, don’t bother with a sample size kit and invest in a full car detailing kit. After all, you’ll want quality products, which you need in quantity. With that said, you may as well go ahead and get them.

Wash the Car

To wash the car, you’ll need at least a clean 5-gallon bucket. Next, you’ll need a car wash mix, mitts, and towels. Micro-fiber towels are highly recommended, but old terry cloths you’ve retired from bathroom use can also be ideal for drying.

When you’re washing the car, never use dishwashing detergent, as it removes the exterior’s luster. Use separate wash mitts for painted and polished surfaces, and gritty areas, like wheel wells. After all, you don’t want to drag up sand and debris that may have been left in the mitts to scratch up the paint.

Use a Clay Bar

Once a year, use a clay bar to remove tough buildups on the exterior. A clay bar picks up baked-on grunge, while leaving the car shiny and scratch- and abrasion-free.

After washing and before waxing the car, use a lubricating spray and then a clay bar to “pull” the remaining dirt and debris from the exterior surface.

When getting your Corvette ready, remember these car detailing steps to make sure it outshines all the other Vettes on the road.