Corner Lot Landscaping: Taking Up the Challenge

corner lotOne of the advantages of living in the suburbs is that you get to have a beautiful lawn. Many buyers of house and land packages in Melbourne suburbs often avoid corner lots, as they think it is challenging to design and maintain.

It’s not as difficult to design a corner lot as you may think. Here are some tips:

Building Borders

Privacy is a common concern among people buying corner house and land packages in Ravenhall and Burnside. Some worry about passers-by taking shortcuts through their properties to get to the next street. For others, open corners make it easier for children and pets to run into the street. To increase security in your property, consider installing a fence. You don’t necessarily have to secure the whole perimeter. You can install them in areas where you want to draw distinctions between the street (or another lot) and your property.

Before installing fences or borders, visit your district office and ask about any rules you should follow. Furthermore, check with your local community, as they may have certain limitations on building fences.

Landscaping Corners

When you can’t use a hedge screen or fence for your lot, consider placing landscape elements on the corners, such as trees or small shrubs. Adding these elements also softens the sharp corner of your lot, giving it a balanced look.

Creating a Focal Point

Compared to other properties, corner lots come with larger lawns, attracting buyers who want big gardens. To define your landscape, create a focal point, preferably near the front door to draw attention to your entryway. Popular choices for focal points are topiary shrubs and ornamental trees. You can also use landscaping rocks to achieve a natural look. To add colour to your lawn, place a circular flowerbed at the centre.

A corner lot is an exciting purchase, as you have many options to design it. Let your imagination flow and have the most beautiful lawn on the block.