Get All Dolled Up: 3 Fun Makeup Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

makeupWhen it comes to math, most people admit they don’t always bury their noses in the books, but learning about beauty is just another story. In life, there’s more to learn—and makeup is not an exception.

While video tutorials help you with some makeup 101, here are some fun tricks those girls on YouTube probably haven’t told you.

Eye Shadows are Easy to Duplicate

Eye shadows are incredibly simple to duplicate, according to experts from Michigan Makeup Academy. You can get some colors on your lids and blend it out—it will work just fine. Some easy substitutions for eye shadows are loose pigments, kohl liners, gel liners, bronzers, contouring powders, and cream color set with powder. So if you ever forget those eye shadow pallets at home and you find yourself in a beauty emergency, remember that a little bronzer or gel liner goes a long way.

Foundation Doesn’t Go Everywhere

Applying foundation all over your face isn’t really necessary. The purpose of a foundation is not to cover every part of your face; it’s only meant for the trouble areas, such as blemishes and redness around your nose and chin, as well as darkness underneath your eyes. Most women have made this mistake, and they still do. The trick here is to find the right shade for your skin, and only use concealer if you want more coverage.

Your Veins Tell You What Shade Suits You

Finding the right shade to match your skin color can be difficult. The color of your veins indicates your skin’s undertone, which is the color just beneath the skin. While complexions can change with sun exposure, undertones do not. Look inside your wrist and see what color your veins are under natural lighting. If it is greenish, you have a warm skin tone and you need a foundation with a peachy tint. If it appears bluish, you have a cool tone, and pink tinted foundation best suits you. If you have blue-green undertones, you can wear any of the two.

Trying out these makeup tricks can actually help you feel good and actually look good. It’s wonderful to know that you are doing your makeup right; and with all the compliments you are bound to receive, you will get that major confidence boost along the way.