Shirts: The Modern Canvass

printed shirtThe world of fashion is as much technical as it is creative. Designers do not just think about colours and patterns when creating their garments; they take measurements, proportions, and balance into careful consideration. As a matter of fact, a large bulk of fashion designing dedicates itself to technical tailoring.

A piece is only good if it manages to blend material, proportion, cuts, and fit into a single model of quality clothing and creativity. Still, there is one style that takes all of those elements.

Graphic Content

Streetwear started as an underground movement in the late 80s and 90s. A style makes no room for the useful aesthetics of fashion, and carves its own niche in the industry. There are no considerations in street wear; most of the garments in the style are shirts, hoodies, jeans, shorts, and sneakers.

There is not much variation in the substance of streetwear, everything is pretty much the same. The only distinction made between brands and specific pieces depend solely on the graphics of the pieces. The brand 10 Deep Clothing on the catalogue demonstrates this point clearly.

What makes the brand’s line distinct is their creative use of bold graphics and striking patterns, which seems to be the essence and initial appeal of streetwear.

Creative Differences

The reason for the style’s sharp deviation from its peers lies in its history and method of use. People did not start wearing shirts and hoodies to make a statement; they just threw on what was comfortable. Comfort was the calling card of the style, and any deviation to the basic structure of the garment immediately disqualifies it from being streetwear.

Without the normal methods of design, streetwear brands use graphic designs to mould their identity in the quickly crowding market. The competition continuously creates breathtaking designs that take inspiration from across the entire board of genres.

Streetwear is an experiment in fashion that seems to be meeting as much success as its traditional counterparts. Neither is lacking in creativity, but both take severely different routes towards their goals.

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