Big Love for Narrow Homes: Why They are Better than Your Average-Sized House

home designsHomes on narrow lots do not usually receive that much fanfare. Today, many Australian families would rather choose properties within huge areas. After all, as living space becomes more of a luxury now, it seems practical to have as much residential space as possible. But, by the looks of it, this notion is not entirely true.

Narrow homes may seem not that much, but they can provide many benefits spacious ones do not have. If you are in the market for a good property or planning to build your own soon, you might want to consider narrow homes as your first choice. Take a look at the following ideas to help you get started:

Design Options

As homes built on narrow lots are unlike the standard-size residential properties, you have more options when it comes to design. For instance, as you may not require walls or columns that much, you can just merge different rooms together, creating a seamless living space. Novus Homes recommends talking with your builder, so you can have a hand on the final home design.

Vertical Expansion

If you want to expand your living area, simply make use of the vertical space. You can easily add more rooms or floor level through a phased addition. Also, you can have as much space as you want without having to pay a dollar for lot expansion.

Maximise Space

With narrow homes, every area is worth the money you paid for. You can easily take advantage of the space you have and make it fit your living requirements. You can appreciate your investment better when you get to use every square meter of it.

Upkeep Cost

Maintaining a home on narrow lots is easier compared to those on larger ones. You will have fewer sections to worry about. Plus, the overhead costs are significantly lower, so you save more and allocate your budget to other matters.

Ultimately, while narrow homes may have fewer spaces, it packs more benefits than your usual sized homes. Consider the benefits of living in one, and ask your builder about how you can maximise liveable space.