Reasons Geography Should be Your Favourite Course

Geography may be an unpopular course among secondary or university students, but there are actually a number of reasons you should consider making it among your favourites. One of the good things about being part of a geography class is that it will help you understand the heritage of mankind. More importantly, it will make you appreciate how things on the planet’s surface are different yet the same.

museum tripGeography also gives you an opportunity to take a look at some of the world’s secrets, which some people tend to overlook. Here are the other reasons you need to consider including geography in your academic plan.

It Allows You to Understand World’s Systems

If you study geography, you get to know a bit of everything. The course discusses sociology, anthropology and archaeology. It also covers other areas of science, especially when dealing with aspects that change the surface of the earth, such as weather, volcanic activities and ocean currents.

What’s most exciting about geography is you get to find out the reasons people in the past start revolutions, initiate new cultures and shape the world into what it is today. It helps you understand the intricate relationships of the societies and peoples of the world.

It Gives Your Opportunities to Travel

Though it’s a minor course, you may be required to go on school trips to increase your geography knowledge. If you decide to take geography in college or complement it with further studies, you will surely find yourself visiting the different continents of the world in the future.

It Helps You Hone Your Sense of Direction

Studying geography will help you grasp the world in terms of the following elements: space, scale and position. It will help improve your sense of direction, as you go through a lot of maps. One bonus you might get out of it: you increase your chances of winning the quiz or trivia night at a local pub in case they feature capitals of the different countries.

It Helps You Become a More Responsible Citizen

When you study geography, you will easily appreciate the relationship of man with the environment. When you understand this intricate relationship, you can think of different possible solutions to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Studying geography goes beyond memorising capitals and cities. It helps you view the world’s through a different lens.