Debunking the Top 3 Spring Wedding Myths

spring weddingMany couples see spring as the ideal time to get married. It offers milder temperatures – it’s not too hot to wear a suit or full-body dress, and not too cold to wear a backless, sleeveless, or off-shoulder dress. So you can be better prepared if you’re planning to wed during this lovely time of year, know some of the common myths related to it.

Myth #1: Nothing Can Go Wrong with a Spring Wedding.

Regardless of the season, no couple wishes to encounter problems on their special day. It’s why they prepare thoroughly to make sure that everything goes well. Nobody can tell what will happen on the day itself, though. Spring is unpredictable. You could be dealing with either the scorching sun or the chilly breeze with light rain showers. When choosing wedding venues,, and wedding planning sites like The Knot, suggest booking those that give you access to both indoors and outdoors.

Myth #2: Spring Season Means Brunch Weddings.

Many couples prefer holding their wedding in the early afternoon, especially those with outdoor venues, to enjoy the fair weather. This doesn’t mean that spring weddings are limited to daytime, though. If you want to watch the sun set or have a late-night dance party, then feel free to schedule the wedding at a time you think is more appropriate.

Myth #3: Flower Decorations Should Be Everywhere.

Most flowers bloom during spring, giving you a wide selection of colours and fragrances. This also made it easier to order flowers in bulk, which led to couples thinking that these should be the highlight of their wedding. If you’re not that into flowers, then a spring-inspired bouquet and centrepiece are enough. Other elements you can display are herbs, moss, river rocks, and wheat grass.

Don’t let the season dictate what should happen at the wedding. Spring is an ideal season, but your wedding should be whatever you want it to be.