The Need for Precision: Improving Safety and Efficiency in Mining Sites

miningIn risky working environments like mining sites, there is no room for mistake. Ignoring even the smallest safety issue could cost lives and millions of dollars. Maintaining precision in every process is important to ensure safety and efficiency.

Modern technology offers solutions to minimize safety risks in mining sites. Mine operators now use lasers to optimize processes while improving workplace safety. These products allow miners, engineers, and equipment operators perform their jobs more efficiently.

Here’s why lasers are becoming more popular among mine operators today:

Staying Aligned

Miners use a variety of equipment to dig holes or create underground tunnels. They rely on machines and vehicles when it comes to processing and transporting materials. Proper alignment is necessary to ensure optimum performance and longer life for the equipment. Sheave alignment systems, for instance, use laser technology to increase efficiency and reduce premature wear of pulleys, bearings, and belts. Some laser products allow long distance alignment, making them ideal for both above ground and underground operations.

Measuring and Mapping and other suppliers of mining laser systems agree that laser technology helps improve productivity in mine sites. Obtaining stockpile volume measurements and geological mapping is easy with today’s innovative laser scanning and measuring devices.

Ensuring MSHA Compliance

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) requires mine operators to comply with existing standards stated in the Mine Act. These involve using only approved laser systems for specific mining applications. MSHA sends representatives regularly to determine whether mine sites are compliant or not. They issue citations whenever they find violations of any health and safety standards.

There is no doubt laser technology is playing a big role in improving the mining industry and creating a safer workplace. Mine operators can expect more for their business as they discover new uses and benefits of laser systems.