Maths Anxiety: Should You Really Be Afraid?

Maths AnxietyNumbers are not the most exciting subject when you’re a kid. But learning how to count and compute, solving number problems, and completing mathematical equations are important parts of life. Not everyone becomes interested in maths at a young age, though. Some even develop a type of phobia with any subject that has to do with mathematics.

What is Maths Anxiety?

Also known as math phobia, this negative reaction takes place when people are in situations when they have to solve problems mathematically. A child’s anxiety triggered by math can be due to different reasons – a parent who isn’t good at math, either, a strict and scary math teacher, or simply a complicated equation that left the kid traumatised.

Is There a Way to Cope with It?

Math can be enjoyable. There’s an excitement building up when you’re trying to solve equations and then finally get the right answer. Many children stop along the process because they find it too difficult, causing the anxiety. Here are some ways to help them cope with this subject:

1. Exercise the Brain – Buy mental maths workbooks to let children exercise their brain with skill-appropriate questions. Depending on the coverage, these can help them understand numbers, measurements, and chance and data.

2. Learn from Mistakes – Instead of telling them that they wrote the wrong answer, ask how they got it. Children are afraid of making mistakes, so they tend to develop negative reactions due to panic. Show them that you’re aware that they’re doing their best, so they won’t mind solving equations again until they get it right.

3. Add to Daily Routine – Make math simple by incorporating it with their everyday lives. For instance, offer a box of pizza during break time and slice it accordingly. Teach division, subtraction, and fractions by using the slices as an example.

Making children like their math subjects is challenging. If you’re starting to notice their lack of interest, then you have to think of creative ways to get them interested again.