#CuddleWeather: How Cool Temperatures Affect Liking of Romantic Movies

Cool Temperature in cinemaThe Notebook is a chick flick for the ages, and admit it or not, your heart fluttered at the scene where Noah and Allie reunited at the lake and kissed under the pouring rain. You felt all warm and fuzzy, and likely cuddled that person next to you in the movie house if it were not for the girl he was with. You probably think that the warm and fuzzy feeling is because of the compelling romantic plot. Or it could be the engaging emotions and dramatic scenes. Or simply because you imagine Ryan Gosling as your Noah. Well, it is not. Not entirely.

That romantic, warm, and fuzzy feeling and the urge to cuddle that person next to you, believe it or not, is also because of the low temperatures inside the theatre. Research says that cold temperatures affect your liking to a romantic movie.

What the Research Says

A study, which involved undergraduates revealed that people long for psychological warmth when they are in cold room temperatures. Professional commercial air conditioning installation specialists from ConductAirconditioning.com.au supports this research and say that creating a comfortable environment in commercial establishments, like the cinema, is important to keep the loyalty of customers and influence their preferences.

The research further explains that when people are in love, they usually experience blushing, heart fluttering, increased breathing, and sweaty palms. These factors are all linked to physical warmth.

Many other studies also support the research claim. Participants were asked to drink hot or cold or stay in temperatures that were controlled. Then the researchers asked about what movie genres they want to see. They were to choose from romance, thriller, action and romance. The researchers observed that for cold conditions, the participants chose romance movies over other genres. The participants also reported they were willing to pay more money to watch a romantic movie if the environment will provide cool temperature.

Temperature, as it turns out, does not just affect productivity and creativity. It also influences even preferences for movies. If you are planning to see a romantic movie with your partner soon, make things cool, comfortable and all cuddly by dropping the temp!