Your Bachelor Pad is Turning Her Off: Making Your Pad as Macho as You

You finally got the guts to invite hMan's Apartmenter over to your place. For the first time in forever, you cooked dinner. The fettuccini pasta she’d been raving about on your first date is ready, and of course, you look all dressed up tonight, with your clean-shaven face and preppy ensemble.

You hear the knock and open the door to your apartment. She steps inside, and for a minute, she just looks around. She makes a subtle but noticeable grimace. As you might have expected already, the night turned out to be a complete disaster.

What went wrong?

Well, it’s not really rocket science to spot the mistake. It’s your bachelor pad, that’s what turned her off. If you want to make a good impression, make your place more welcoming. Here are the top things that will seal the deal:

 Fully Equipped Kitchen

Apartment developers from Pointcorp say that a fully equipped kitchen makes a strong impression. The kitchen is often viewed as an area for women only. But if you show that you aren’t afraid of those stigma or gender roles, you become manlier than ever in their eyes. Make sure to update your kitchen; ditch the mismatched bowls and invest in state-of-the-art appliances. For bachelors who are still looking for a place, you may want to include this amenity in your must-have features list when apartment hunting.

 A Sophisticated Living Room

Your living room is the first thing she’ll probably see, so it’s just fitting that your living room must be presentable.

Painting is one of the most overlooked interior decorations. You can have a posh sofa and sophisticated rugs, but everything will be useless if you have poor paint color. Be consistent in the decorations of your space. Remember, your pad speaks about your personality.

Artworks are also a must. It gives your girl an idea about your creative preferences and taste on art. If you’re going to put artworks in your space, though, make sure to hang it in the right level and place.

A Clean Bathroom

The bathroom could be the biggest culprit in breaking your macho image. Don’t invite a girl until you clean that smelly, dirty bathroom. Don’t forget to put in a new roll of toilet paper. Make sure there is soap and a dry hand towel, and make sure they’re fresh and clean. Sanitary bins are also a must. Your girl may need to throw a sanitary item and if there’s no trash bin, it’s a guarantee you’ll never get a call again. Maintain good hygiene.

Is your bachelor pad turning her off? Perhaps it’s time to renovate your space or relocate to a better pad. Think about it.