Get to Know the Different Trailers for Different Needs

Types of trailersTrailers are practical and affordable options often utilised by people with short-term needs for time-oriented moving jobs. They come in different shapes and sizes so be sure to choose one that fits your needs.

To be sure you are getting the right trailer, and other trailer hire companies in Armadale suggest familiarising yourself with the various types of trailers. These include the following:

Cage Trailers

These are trailers with frames that are generally built with tough steel, while the sides have rust-resistant galvanised mesh. You can bolt the cage on the rear gate. Most cage trailers may be single or double-axle and are used depending on the size and weights of the loads to be carried. They are easily towed behind any passenger vehicle. This is why they are useful for transporting household furniture, gardening supplies, commercial goods, and building materials.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbeds are among the most commonly used trailers because of their versatility, making them a great asset to the trucking industry. You can load a flatbed trailer from the top, rear, or sides. It has a load floor and detachable side rails as well as a bulkhead in front for protection in case of load shift. Some of the cargo that flatbeds carry include large machineries, building materials and heavy duty equipment.

Car Trailers

As the name suggests, this type of trailer is designed to transport passenger vehicles efficiently. Most car trailers can be either open or enclosed. These have built-in ramps to easily load and unload cars. Car trailers are also equipped with power hydraulics in order to raise and lower the ramps for enhanced accessibility.

Trailer sizes and dimensions vary considerably. Knowing which type you need makes it easy for you when it’s time to negotiate with a trailer hire and look for the best deal.