Your Backyard Could be Dangerous for Your Kids

For children, playing with other kids is a very enjoyable past time, especially when done in your own backyard. While many beautiful things could happen in the backyard, accidents may occur, too. In fact, emergency clinics receive 200,000 cases of playground incidents every year.
As a parent, it is important to protect your child from backyard hazards.

insect bitesInjuries From Dangerous Playground Equipment

Swing-related incidents are among the most commonly reported playground accident in the country. As such, it is important to ensure that the swings in your backyard consist of durable, non-toxic materials. Make sure that the swings have firm support to prevent fall or impact hazards.
Nuts, bolts, and other hard, protruding surfaces of the playground equipment need secure covering. Finally, ropes not designed to attach to playground equipment need immediate removal, as it can cause strangulation risks.

Injuries From Dangerous Plants and Insect Bites

Some reported cases of playground incidents have been associated with ingesting dangerous plants or any other toxic material found in the backyard. Some cases, on the other hand, were due to allergic reactions caused by insect stings and bites. You can prevent these untoward incidents by regularly inspecting your backyard for any poisonous plants, toxic materials, and bee hives that can potentially hurt your kids.

Injuries From Automobile Traffic

Every year, countless children go to the hospital because of automobile traffic-related incidents. Keep your kids away from automobile accidents when playing in your backyard through fences. In Salt Lake City, fencing firms, like US Vinyl Fence, can help you setup a backyard fence that protect your kids from outside dangers while keeping your exterior aesthetically appealing.

Always remember that backyard incidents are preventable. With proper care and vigilance, you don’t have to hold your kids back from playing with other children just to prevent playground incidents.