Outdoor Dining: How to Make That Perfect Sunny Spot for a Summer Drink

oudoor diningSummer is coming in Australia, and while everyone would go for the usual trip to the beach, there are many alternatives for a good getaway spot. Thoughts of sitting back and enjoy the season with a cold drink are welcome to anyone, especially when you are in a coastal city like Perth. These days, a good high place like your terrace can make for that perfect spot. Aristo Balustrades offers a few pointers on how to make that.

The Terrace

To start off, a terrace is a level paved area or platform next to a building. This can be built outside and separate from the house’s main building. It can be accessed by a number of ways, including ladders, catwalks or a stairs from the ground floor. The elevation of the terrace also offers the view of the neighbourhood.

The Greenery

To make your café much more inviting, you have to appeal to your patrons. To relax under the sun and enjoy a drink, the terrace café should have an aesthetic appeal. Put this concept to life through your garden. So, cover the place with plant boxes and shrubbery to set the ambience. If you are in any doubt about doing this, feel free to consult gardening experts.

The Deck Furniture

The terrace is larger in area than a balcony, and it can be a venue for social events. So, the interiors must be planned out. You can set up benches, wide feasting tables or coffee tables with chairs for the guests.

The Rails

The terrace is a raised platform. Your customers and guests may fall off. The terrace design must incorporate safety rails and walls along its side. Stainless steel balustrades are a popular choice for structurally sound fences. Choose a design which will suit your taste and the theme of a summer terrace cafe.

The Flooring

The floor where your guests would walk on would certainly influence their thoughts about their experience in this café. This experience can translate into generating more patronage. You can go for the organic feel of wooden planks or the more modern style of tiles or masonry.

The Roof

Summers can be extremely hot and sunny. Do not forget to provide a roof above your customer’s head. The weather may go bad, so think about their. Set up awnings or small umbrellas to keep them protected.