Sail Away: Find the Perfect Boat for You

Before you decide to buy a boat, take a look at every boat for sale listing in Australia. It also helps to have some degree of familiarity with the different kinds of boats before making your final decision. A big reason behind this is the fact that boats can cost from a hundred dollars to millions of dollars; they’re an investment you should take seriously.

boatSailing boats are usually classified as either dinghies or keelboats. But, there are different kinds of boats for sailing (also known as classes). Pickles discusses a few of the most common ones below.

● Dinghy. This is a small-sized sailing boat. It can be used by one or two people, and is the preferred boat type of people who not into large fishing groups. Dinghies can range from 2 to 6 metres in length and are typically brought from one place to another via trailer.

● Keelboats. These boats are larger than dinghies and are kept at a marina or on moorings. Possessing a weighted keel underneath its hull as an anti-capsizing measure hence the name “keelboat” — this type of boat is also usually more stable and drier than the first type.

● Motor cruisers. The term “motor cruiser” is used for powerboats that were made to endure living on board. Equipped with usual home facilities such as a kitchen and a toilet, motor cruisers are usually set up for either long-range cruising or brief, overnight trips.

● Sail cruisers. Also known as yachts, sail cruisers are medium to large boats, possessing the same kind of keel underneath as keelboats to optimise them for offshore sailing. Yachts can also function as livable modes of transportation, often equipped with sleeping rooms, a toilet, or a kitchen.

● Trailer sailer (Trailable). Possessing a retractable keel that can either be swinging or lifting, trailer sailers can be stored or moved on a trailer, and are especially suited for inshore waters and hotels.

These are just a few of the many examples of boats you can buy. Consider all factors from cost to facilities before making your choice.