Look Good, Feel Good: How to Bring Out the Best in You

Physical beauty of a womanLet’s be honest: No one wants to look or feel ugly. People define beauty in different ways, depending on what they value. Some priortise physical beauty, investing in a tonne of makeup and beauty products, trying their best to look like a model fresh off the covers of fashion magazines. Others believe that beauty is in health and wellness eating right and living right. Still, others insist that true beauty comes from within, and that you are only truly as beautiful as the kindness you give to other people.

Still, it doesn’t really have to be one or the other, right? You can be beautiful in many ways, and not just in one aspect of your life. Style Magazines shares these simple guidelines and you’ll shine with beauty, both inside and out.

  • Look beautiful. Hey, it’s definitely not wrong to want to look stunning. Learn how to apply makeup to highlight your best features and minimise your flaws. Look at your favorite celebrities and magazines for fashion inspiration. Just remember that you’re not doing this to get attention, and that you’re doing this for your own satisfaction.
  • Feel beautiful. There’s nothing that would make you feel more beautiful than to be in good health. Why don’t you go and try out those aerobics classes or gym membership you’ve always been planning to sign up for? Start phasing out junk food from your diet as well – eat right and you’ll certainly feel younger, fresher and more energetic. Try to get at least half an hour’s worth of exercise every day.
  • Be a beautiful person. The key to being beautiful inside is to be ready to share beauty with the world. Always be ready with a smile for everyone you meet, and start every day with gratitude, kindness and a positive outlook on life.

Always remember that the world gives back whatever you throw at it, and that it’s better to live a life free of hatred, anger or regret.