Cosmetic Dentistry: Discover the Secrets Behind the Perfect Celebrity Smile

cosmetic dentistryEver wonder what makes your favorite stars’ smiles glisten? Instead of getting a nose lift or a tummy tuck, Martine McCutcheon, star of the British show Echo Beach, has instead gotten something else done —not with a cosmetic surgeon, but with cosmetic dentists — to get the perfect smile. In America, where bad teeth is almost considered a crime to humanity, cosmetic dentistry has taken the nation by storm and now, that storm has reached the UK.

But, what should you get done?

The options are greatly varied and here, shares the most popular ones that could get you started on that perfect smile!

What Exactly is Cosmetic Dentistry?

From bleaching to braces, cosmetic dentistry has procedures that can improve your smile. Some of them, however, are not merely for aesthetics. In fact, some of them can actually improve your teeth’s structural integrity and even greatly strengthen your bite. You can finally say goodbye to those ugly yellow-stained chipped teeth that’s been bothering you, thanks to the recent advances in this field.


Everybody wants his smile to glisten but not everyone wants his teeth to be gold — not gold-coloured at least. Yellowish and stained teeth are a nightmare, but thankfully, your dentist can now help you bring back the white to your pearly whites. Teeth whitening can be done with lasers. But, if you’re not looking to go that far, there are home whitening kits that you can try.


This is a greatly useful way to fix more than one problem all at once. If you’re bothered by crooked, discoloured, uneven and chipped teeth, then your dentist might recommend veneers. Thin porcelain or plastic pieces are attached to your teeth, making them look good as new. This is a more affordable alternative to crowns, but they can last up to 20 years if you take care of them properly.


Crowns may be pricey, but they are a permanent solution to get that killer smile you’ve always wanted.

To find a cosmetic dentist in Belfast, you may visit the British Dental Association website where they list all accredited dentists you can trust.