Planning Your Ski Holidays on a Budget

skiYou don’t need to go over your budget for your ski holiday in Australia. All you need is a bit of planning to make your holidays more enjoyable. From your transport options to itinerary, thorough preparations can bring the fun in your Australian ski getaway.

Here are some tips on planning your upcoming ski trip:

The Ideal Travel Date

As describes, ski holidays in Australia offer the perfect alpine retreat for everyone.

If you’re after the savings, book your trip before Christmas or during the late seasons (mid to late March). This will help you avoid unfavourable weather conditions when it’s not mid-winter.

Don’t ski during school holidays, Christmas and New Year. Many ski resorts tend to get crowded during these months. Some resorts might even charge high rates due to peak season demands.

Accommodation-Hunting Hacks

Book your accommodations online. You’ll find self-catered apartments with affordable rates — if you’re lucky, you might even come across apartments with kitchenettes and high-end facilities. Hotels are a good option, as well. Make sure the hotel is near your ski site, though.

Transportation Option

If you want to save money, air travel can be a good option. Apart from faster travel time, some airlines offer low rates on specific dates. Note that some airlines might charge higher fare on weekends than on weekday travels.

Bus tours are also a good option. Many travel agencies offer tours to the best ski destinations in Australia. First-time ski holidaymakers often choose bus tours than air travel.

Extra Services for Your Ski Holiday

Some ski resorts offer a range of services to complete your holiday experience. These services may include extra ski apparel, food service and tours. You can book these services online or directly at the ski resort.

Planning a ski holiday doesn’t have to be stressful or costly. Once you know the right time, place and mode of transportation for your ski trip, you can save money and have fun at the same time.