Keeping School Uniforms Looking New: Practical Care Hacks

Caring in School UniformYour kids wear their school uniforms more than any other clothing item in their closets. They are regularly subjected to sweat, stains, dirt and spills that will wear them out faster than you can wake up your kids in the morning. To make sure your kids’ school wear will look as fresh on their last day at school as they did when your kids first donned them, follow these care tips:

• Washing
Make sure to follow the uniform’s washing instructions included in the label. Typical washing settings include cold water and the gentlest or lowest wash cycle. Spot treat immediately and use cold water to dilute stains. The longer a stain sits on the garment, the more difficult it is to remove.

• Drying
Tumble drying is discouraged to avoid shrinkage. Always air dry uniforms naturally and avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading. Also, use a hanger for air drying pleated school wear; never tumble dry.

• Ironing
Most uniforms don’t require ironing, but when they do, make sure your iron is set to the proper temperature as shown in the uniform care label. Printed areas shouldn’t be ironed. Iron-on labels don’t stick to stretchy materials. Don’t forget to place a handkerchief between the iron and the fabric to prevent burn marks.

• Fastenings
Do the zippers, buttons, snaps and Velcro fastenings prior to laundering to avoid snags. These abrasive materials can damage the other clothes in the washing cycle.

• Fabric Softeners
If you are tempted to use fabric softeners, check the care labels first, as fabric softeners can ruin the ‘easy care’ coatings many school uniforms have.

Also, knitted uniforms are highly susceptible to pilling. This usually happens when knitted clothing rubs against the other clothes in the wash, not because the fabric is faulty. If this is an issue, simply turn clothes inside out or better yet, just hand wash knitted items.