A Taste of Asia in the Middle of Brisbane

Asian foodWalking along the streets of Brisbane or any other part of Australia is enjoyable hobby for local and foreign foodies alike. And if fancy yourself some Asian snacks, then look no further because the city plays host to a veritable abundance of Asian food. Buy a feast for yourself and choose among Indian dishes, Vietnamese cuisine, and Chinese food, all without leaving Brisbane.

Little Asia is just one of the Asian-centric places in Brisbane, though you can find Asian and Chinese food restaurants, like Brisbane’s peng-you.com.au, scattered about the city, such as in the restaurant-heavy Gasworks district.

Brisbane’s Little Asia

Along Compton Road is a large complex that looks like a shopping mall from the outside, but full of Asian goodies on the inside. Sunnybank is one of the centres of Asian culture in Brisbane, boasting one of the biggest Asian
communities in the country.

Find eateries from Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Korean origins among others in Little Asia. It is like a melting pot of good food and different languages where you meet people from various countries feasting.

Welcome Fresh Food

To buy the ingredients and try a home-cooked dinner for a change, then Welcome Fresh Food is the best place for you. It has food staples from Taiwan and China and some even from Japan, plus an herbal centre in one corner. If you are tired of browsing the area, you can stop by Happy Hours Tea Bar for cheap but sumptuous snacks.

Market Square

You can find great pho in Brisbane, as well. Visit Pho Hien Vuong Pasteur and you will not be disappointed. Malaya Corner also is also another popular spot if you fancy yourself some roti carni, roti canai, or the famous nasi lemak.

With the large Asian population in Brisbane you do not have to go far to experience the best of Asia. Being home to many Asians it is of no wonder that Asian culture is quite alive and bustling.