Initial Considerations when Choosing the Perfect Fireplace

FirePlaceIn many homes, a fireplace is one of the most important centerpieces. It beautifies the space and keeps the home warm during chilly days. Constructing your home or renovating gives you the opportunity to add a fireplace, but before that, think about the kind of fireplace you want.

What Do You Want?

When thinking of installing a fireplace for your home, think and plan carefully. Ask yourself what fireplace types you can afford. Choose depending on the elements you find important, such as design, size, ease of installation and operation, heat efficiency and output, and maintenance requirements.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces are popular because of the nostalgia it brings, as well as the cozy, crackling noises and pleasing smells it offers. However, around 90% of the warm air traditional wood-burning fireplaces produce will go up your chimney and not into the room.

To improve heat output and efficiency, add glass doors and install a metal firebox along with a blower for proper air circulation. Close the damper if you’re not using the fireplace.

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are easier to maintain and operate than wood-burning fireplaces. You just have to flip the switch or a remote control and you’re good to go. They are likewise easier to install.

They offer more control in terms of flame height and heat efficiency, which leads to reduced utility costs. However, this will depend on the size of your home and insulation used.

A Warning

After selecting the right fireplace, Utah residents should consult with local environmental and building codes, since these can affect your options. Think about difficulties in running a gas line, lack of conventional and proper venting, and structural constraints, among others.

Choose the right fireplace to ensure that you have a decorative and functional piece in your house. Make sure the fireplace works properly by getting professional help in fireplace installation.