Readying Your Air Conditioner for the Cold Months

Preparing Your ACThe cold season can affect the operation of your air conditioning unit. Before it takes a beating from the cooler weather, remember to do some maintenance inspection.

A preventative inspection from a commercial air conditioning service can help in checking your air conditioning unit’s current state to ensure its efficiency during the cold months. Before making that call, however, here’s a simple checklist that can save you considerable cost when it comes to making your AC ready for the chill:

Check the filter

Build-up on the filter is inevitable, but leaving dirt to accumulate on it causes blockage to the normal airflow of the system. Clogged filters cause a strain on your air conditioning system and lead to costly repairs in the future. Clean the filter every month as part of the AC’s regular upkeep. Be prepared to replace it, if necessary. A clean filter ensures that the unit is running at 100% efficiency.

Check the coils

Just as with the filter, the condenser and evaporator coils will pick up dirt which decreases the coils’ ability to absorb heat over time. Even though the air filter helps in keeping particles out of the AC coils, dirt and dust can still build up. Clean the AC coils at least once a year to improve the airflow.

Check for strange noises

Before finally allowing the unit to rest up for the winter, make sure to check that it’s not producing strange noises. If you hear unusual sounds when operating your air conditioner, or if you think it’s not performing as it should, contact a professional air conditioning service. They are better equipped in handling such issues.

Regular maintenance will do a great deal in extending your air conditioner’s life span season after season. A technician can do a routine check to ensure your unit is energy-efficient and in its peak performance.

With preventative maintenance, you can identify problems and have them fixed right away. You should be proactive and take some steps in maintaining your unit, but let a professional air conditioning service do it for you at least once a year.