Tips for Avoiding Roof Repair Scams

Roof repair scamThe WA Building Commission receives many complaints from Perth residents about roof repairs and seal roof coating swindles. While the roofs of these residents may actually need the attention of a legitimate Perth roof repairer, it can be hard to convince them. Crooked people that victimise these people have given the industry a bad name.

Here are some tips for avoiding these swindles.

Beware of Door-to-Door Roof Repairers

People have been selling things door-to-door for a long time, but roof repair services is a relatively new twist. The idea is to lie to homeowners about the condition of their roof. They then offer to repair them at a big discount. They may even show proof that they are employees of a reputable roof repair company. Chances are they are not even roof repairers!

Do Not Pay Immediately

If you do have a problem with your roof, you might decide to take up a roving roof repairer’s offer. Be aware that to protect residents, the Australian Consumer Law requires a cooling off period of 10 business days. This means people should not pay for any work until that time. This gives you time to check on the quality of the repair work. If the repairer insists on immediate payment, report it to Consumer Protection.

Get a Second Opinion

Con operators can be very persuasive. If they insist that your roof needs repair, tell them that you will get a second opinion. Refuse to be harassed into agreeing to let them do it without consulting with a reputable service provider. If they will not leave, Permacoat suggests calling Consumer Protection.

It is true that your roof needs regular maintenance, and any damage needs immediate repair. However, you should be careful about choosing who will do it, or you could end up a victim. Better call a reputable roof repair expert or firm.