Showering in Style and Safety

showerA good, relaxing shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. There are few things as comforting as the feeling of gentle jets of water washing all your cares away. Indulging in an enjoyable shower has a downside, though, as you can’t help but splash water all over your bathroom.

This is why shower screens are popular additions to bathrooms. They let you enjoy your shower without thinking about making a mess. You also won’t have to deal with stepping out onto a slippery floor after your shower.

Due to their functionality and aesthetic appeal, more and more homes now feature shower screens. Perth is but one area where homeowners choose them for their bathrooms. Before going out to buy one, however, there are some things you should keep in mind:

Know the measurements of your bathroom.

Armed with the right numbers, you will avoid making the mistake of buying a shower screen that is either too big or too small for your bathroom.

Note the placement of the other fixtures.

Whether your screen will go into a newly built bathroom or into an existing one, you should note of the location of the other things around it. It is frustrating to install a shower screen, only to find out later that the toilet is blocking it.

Look out for your bathroom’s look.

You should also choose a screen for how it looks. Don’t choose a screen that looks great in the store, but is just awkward for your bathroom.

Maintaining your shower screen

As with all things, constant usage and time will take their toll on your shower screen. Cleaning products and, surprisingly, white vinegar can do a good job of effectively cleaning your shower screen. Whatever product you choose for cleaning, what’s more important is the frequency with which you clean it.

There is no question that having a shower screen for your bathroom will dramatically improve its style and safety. You can enjoy your shower in comfort knowing that you won’t have to deal with mess that may put you in danger of slipping.