5 Perks of Having a Personal Trainer

personal trainerLet’s face it: When it comes to getting fit, we’re more of a thinker and less of a doer. When the couch and your favorite show is on, we can’t help but choose to slack off rather than sweat it out. We’ve been there and we can’t tell you how much happier we are now that we’ve chosen health above everything else.

What’s our secret? It’s a little thing called personal training Minneapolis residents love. Here are some of the finest perks of having your very own personal trainer.

Personalized Program

When you head to the gym and join a class or just run to the nearest machine, you’re most likely not working on what you need to work on. On the other hand, training with a personal trainer means being provided with a program that’s meant for you. From here, you’ll stop guessing on which muscle you need to build.

Constant, Non-judgmental Support

The only person who will be there constantly without judging you in any way is your personal trainer. Unlike others (or yourself) who might make you feel inadequate, your trainer is there to always be supportive and give you the constructive criticism you need to keep on going. They’re not here to bust your self-esteem. They’re here to build it.

Ease and Convenience

Personal training means having plenty of options to choose from. Depending on where is nearest and who your friends could recommend, you are assured of the ease and convenience of having that one person to stick by your side and commit to achieving your goals.


For starters, you’ve invested in a personal trainer. You wouldn’t want your money going to waste by skipping training, right? Plus, you have even more motivation to come to each class because you are now making real progress. You wouldn’t want to stop once you start seeing results.

Injury Prevention

Self-training, especially for newbies, can mean injuries. A personal trainer will teach you how to use gym equipment properly and how to prevent yourself from getting a torn muscle.

Don’t skip on the opportunity of having a professional lead you to a better, happier and healthier version of yourself.