Healthy Italian Foods for Weight Watchers

italian foodPeople who watch their weight usually avoid going to a ristorante, trattoria or osteria. They think that rich and high calorie foods are the only things that define Italian restaurants. Keep in mind that there are yummy yet healthy alternatives in these restaurants, as well.

If you’re conscious about your health, you may still eat Italian food as long as you know the right ones to eat. Follow these tips to make the most of Italian restaurants without sacrificing your health:


Whilst appetisers may add more calories, there are lighter, healthier varieties to try. The Mero Kitchen & Bar recommends seasonal antipasti to whet your appetite without significantly increasing your calorie count. It usually consists of cured meats, olives, mushrooms, anchovies and other ingredients.


Breads in Italian restaurants are rich and heavy, containing high-calorie butter or oil. Eat less of them so you’ll have more room in your stomach for the next course. Watch out for garlic bread, breadsticks and bread knots because these may be full of butter.


Whilst pizza may be among the foods that started the Australian love affair with Italian food, this high calorie food is the cause of weight gains, as well. Avoid the heavy cheese, pepperoni, sausage and deep-dish crust on a pizza if you’re watching your weight. It’s better to eat a vegetable pizza, a whole wheat or thin crust pizza with a meat topping or skim cheese in it.


Eating vegetables are among the sure ways of keeping your calorie count down. Eat a Caesar salad without the croutons and extra cheese. Order Italian salads as is or choose alternative dressings to eat the veggies without worrying about your weight.


Eating pasta gives you reasons to love Italian food more. Heavy stuff on the pasta, however, may cause you to gain unwanted pounds. Avoid the heavy stuff in the pasta if you’re health conscious. Go light on pasta ingredients, such as cheese, cream and meat.

There are many ways to enjoy Italian food without diving in the heavy stuff. Don’t deprive yourself and miss the delights of eating them. Try these suggestions to see for yourself why Italian restaurants always attract foodies.