The Biggest Asset You Have Is Your Mind

The Wolf of Wall StreetYou can take every single dollar from a man. You can even divest him of his properties and assets.

Still, no one can rob him of the chance to gain wealth again. That man’s success will still come back–and may even multiply many times over–if he has kept his most important asset working: his brain.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Take for example Jordan Belfort. He may have built a multi-million dollar business empire with his stockbroking firm Stratton Oakmont, but his business practices were dubious. American FBI agents were not too happy about these goings-on. Eventually, the bureau locked him up putting to an end his extravagant lifestyle.

The stock whiz who reportedly made USD250 million at the age of 25 fumbled, but he didn’t stay down. After his stint in jail, he reinvented himself by becoming a public speaker and publishing his memoirs in Catching the Wolf of Wall Street.

Of course, everyone remembers that title as it has since become a runaway box-office hit starring Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Curious Case of the McDonald Brothers

Australia is McDonald’s country. The fast food chain has become the go-to place for Aussies to have a quick fill.

What many Aussies may not know, however, is that McDonald’s is not run by the McDonald family. Although the McDonald brothers, Maurice and Richard, started the whole drive-in, quick-service restaurant, it was their milk-shake machine supplier, Ray Kroc, who saw its massive business potential. Kroc bought the restaurant from the brothers and went on to make it one of the world’s most recognisable names.

A great mind can truly make anyone successful. Using it well is the way to acquire material assets like wealth, properties and entire businesses. To safeguard these assets, it is important to have a great asset management plan to ensure their viability, notes Mainpac.

Certainly, success is elusive. Many who have chased it ended up empty-handed, burying their dreams and aspirations along with them. There are also those, however, who have found it and prospered. The names may change from country to country, but the stories of these successful people echo with the same refrain: mental sharpness.