Rookie Diaries: Mini Guide to the Ultimate Long Weekend in Utah

UtahThere are two types of people: those who would spend a long weekend just lounging around at home,
and those who would hit the road for an epic trip out in the wilderness. Utah is not short of parks and
attractions that attract adventurers like a field of fresh flowers attracts bees.

This is a guide to the best long weekend trip around Utah for the adventurers:

Find a Place to Crash

Make sure you have a place to stay the night before heading out. While camping is pushing the trip to
another level of epic, wouldn’t it be nice to check in to a comfortable place at night after a long day
loaded with activities? Find an accessible place to stay in St. George or wherever you are in Utah to get
some rest for the following day.

Hike and Explore Zion National Park

St. George is near several national parks and recreation areas. Zion National Park, one of Utah’s best, is
43 miles from St. George. Enjoy the scenic drive and once you set foot on the east gate, hike west
towards the area that overlooks the main canyon. From here on, you can either have a picnic for an
early lunch or explore the Zion Narrows, a 16-mile stretch of pure excitement and delight.

Marvel in Cedar Breaks’ Scenic Wonder

After a restful night, drive out to Cedar Breaks National Monument, about 80 miles from St. George, the
gateway to Utah’s greatest parks. This remote area offers no nearby dining or accommodations so best
pack up some refreshments and supplies. Here you will find sculpted hoodoos in more than fifty
different colors. Hike to the Cedar Breaks Amphitheater to enjoy what many say is simply an incredible

Southwestern Utah’s Sweetest Spot

Bryce Canyon National Park is a little further than the two areas, but is equal, if not double, in grandeur.

It’s roughly 130 miles from your hotel, but the drive is equally scenic anyway. You can hike a canyon trail
or stroll along the rim. If you’re lucky and visit on a clear day, visibility from Bryce Canyon can exceed 100 miles. Later in the day, you can drive to the sunset viewpoint and marvel at its beauty.

After three days of adventures, head on back home and tell all your friends about the great time you
had exploring Utah’s spectacular parks. Maybe next time you can bring along your staycation type of
friends to experience the greatness the outdoors has a bounty of. What’s life without a little wandering
after all, right?