Quick Fix: Common Garage Door Problems and Their Solutions

Garage Door ProblemsOne part of your house that you want to be secured is the garage. This is where you keep your beloved car safe from thieves or different damaging elements. Sometimes, however, you encounter some problems while trying to open or close it. Check out these common garage door problems and how you can troubleshoot them:

1. It won’t open or close all the way.

A garage door that won’t open paired with old gas cans that might be polluting the air spells disaster for Utah households. Aside from switching to EPA approved gas cans, make sure to replace worn-out cables and keep their lengths even to avoid this problem and its consequences.

2. It won’t respond to remote openers.

When using a remote garage door opener, make sure that the sensors and switches are all in check, including your power source. Try replacing the batteries and see if that solves the problem. Use your remote within close range and reprogram it if necessary.

See if the motor is plugged in. Replace the motor or sensors if the door still won’t respond to the remote. If all else fails, buy a new remote opener.

3. It makes loud noises when opening or closing it.

Look for worn rollers or broken springs. Either clean out the dirt in the track or lubricate it. Avoid using any harsh and strong cleaning products.

4. The motor keeps on running even after opening the door.

Move the limit switch away from the motor unit. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you might need help from professionals in garage door opener repair. Sandy experts can repair different kinds of models and can even install a new garage opener for you.

5. It freezes up during winter.

During winter season, snow and ice tend to build up under the garage door. Because of this, the garage door may get stuck. To keep the door from getting frozen on its track, check if there are any dirt or obstruction or if it needs lubrication.

6. The grease on the garage door track is thickening.

When the grease on your garage door track starts thickening, you will have difficulty opening or closing it smoothly. Avoid over-lubricating the tracks. Remove hardened grease with solvent.

7. It doesn’t move.

When your remote seems to be working, check if there are broken gears in the door opener. The broken gears might need replacement or¬ professional repair.

It’s good to know how to repair common garage door problems. It’s also good to have the contact details of professionals if you need help during an emergency. The garage keeps your vehicles secure, so make sure it’s door is always working properly.