South Bend Itinerary: Experiencing the Best of Indiana

IndianaTraveling widens your horizon. You get to meet new friends, gain new experiences, and improve your outlook in life. Why not spend your vacation time in a city where renaissance meets modernization? South Bend is the place to go.

Be awed by ornate building architectures, learn more about history, or even enjoy a Notre Dame home game by the Fighting Irish. You can also do a wide array of activities and visit several places in the city. In South Bend, you can experience what renaissance urbanization truly means.

Visit the University of Notre Dame

Yes, a university is one of the top tourist attractions in South Bend. The campus houses the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes and the famous Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which can rival any cathedral in Europe. Enjoy looking at decorative architectures and feel the serenity that these places exude. You can simply trace the trails in the campus and be mesmerized by the landscapes. This is a must-see place when you are in Indiana.

Experience the East Waterway

If you want something adventurous, recommends the East Waterway race. This man-made facility provides recreational rafting and holds whitewater competitions. Just bring yourself there and experience the 1,900 feet waterway adventure.

Watch at the Morris Performing Arts Center

This building is famous for its diverse spectacles – from rock concerts and dance shows, to symphony events and Broadway-like concerts. With its European-inspired architecture, the Morris Performing Arts Center has become one of the National Historic Places in the country.

Find Local Goods at South Bend Farmer’s Market

Before you go home, don’t forget to stop by South Bend Farmer’s Market for homemade candies, cookies, salsas and even bacon. These good treats will give you a true taste of South Bend.

With all the activities and places you can visit, South Bend offers an enriching and relaxing trip. Take the chance to grab cheap South Bend flights and travel to this tourist trove in Indiana.