Things Shakespeare Would Do Differently If He Took Charge of Your Script Writing Career

William ShakespeareShakespeare would gladly discuss your script writing career with you if he could. And if that were possible, you’d receive the most straightforward and useful advice anybody in your industry could give.

What Original Idea?

Years of research and scrutiny led to the idea that Shakespeare ripped-off his famous tragedies, Othello and Romeo and Juliet, from other artists. This proves that original ideas died long ago and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Shakespeare – among other great authors – realized this in his own time.

The true test of creativity lies in your ability to twist existing ideas and opportunities in a way that it takes on an entirely different appearance. This doesn’t, however, give you permission to press Ctrl+V on soft copies of Gone Girl and Silver Linings Playbook, or replicate Nike’s advertisements to promote your website.

What Idle Man?

Shakespeare left his family in Stratford to pursue his Theater career. Put in your shoes, it would be out of character for him to sulk in his corner of Hennepin County like you have been tempted to do plenty of times.

He’d have studied the marketing strategy of other authors and gone out to do what every resourceful people do: hire the services of an SEO expert, such as PR Caffeine. Trends and digital marketing agencies exist for a reason. Shakespeare would scold you for not using them to your advantage.

What Waiting Time?

Breakthroughs take time to happen, but Shakespeare wouldn’t advise waiting on your doorstep for the sake of waiting. Skill also takes time to develop, after all. He’d nag you to keep writing and to use his formula for putting readers on their toes without losing the humanity of your characters.

While he knew how to get the action going, he also put sufficient breaks to allow his characters to relish the consequences of the plot they belong to. Moving the story forward does not rely solely on the physical activity of the cast. Even emotional and spiritual consequences could achieve that, and Shakespeare would advice you do the same to your scripts and to your lifestyle. Script writing requires a good amount of emotional and spiritual enlightenment, too.

Script writers look up to a lot of great writers. If you haven’t added Shakespeare to your list, you now have every reason to do so.