5 of the Best Gift Ideas for Your Newlywed Friend

Gift Ideas in IndianaDo you have a friend who is about to get married? Well, if you have one, then better start thinking of the perfect gift that will awe not only your friend but her spouse as well. Weddings come once in a lifetime, so if you’re going to give them a gift, make it memorable!

1. House and Lot

Hey, if you are like the daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates, a house and lot would be the perfect gift, right? The newlywed couple wouldn’t need to save their earnings for many years just to have their own home because you have already given it to them.

2. Brand New Car

If you have just won the lottery or have struck some huge deal, then you might want to consider giving your friend a brand new car. You don’t need to buy them a Porsche or a Mercedes, you can buy them other types of car. After all, having a vehicle would already be a huge help for them.

3. Honeymoon Package

If you know your friend’s dream place, then give the newlyweds a great time at some private escapade meant just for the two of them. In fact, the South Bend International Airport says you can choose from among the many cheap flights to South Bend and afford your friend the best honeymoon package ever. You can add in personalized pajamas. This will be one memorable wedding day indeed!

4. Home Appliances

You may also give your friend some of the basic home appliances that she and her husband can use. For instance, you can give them a 2-door refrigerator where they would be able to put food. On the other hand, you can give them a huge LED TV. You can raise up the ante with this one. Instead of giving the standard 32-inches, why not give them 48-inches! Now that would be really great. Real Simple suggests a pizza oven for the newlywed couple.

5. A Dog

This would only be given to those who love dogs. While your friends don’t have a baby, then they can just turn to the dog and treat it with lots of love and tender loving care.

Once you give any of these fantastic gifts to your newlywed friend, you can be assured that she and her spouse would be very happy. Just don’t let them choose which among the five gifts because they might just choose Number 1.