Trampoline Fitness: Bouncing Your Way to Perfection

Trampoline Exercise Everybody thinks that the ultimate road to fitness passes through the gym. This has pushed many to a gym membership while forcing others to languish into unfitness just because they cannot afford to the time to hit the gym on a regular basis. Equipment or no equipment workout routines in the house could be more than you ever needed to stay fit.

Fitness trampoline exercises can satisfy all your workout needs, from the cardio to toning and building muscles. The good news is all you need to implement these exercises is a small rectangular that could fit in your garage, balcony or even bedroom.

Target the Pot Belly

The lower abdomen fat is the most annoying and problematic section to anyone trying to cut body fat and tone their abs. Jumping on the trampoline will give you the cardio you need to get the fat burning started while a series of ab crunches will target the muscles better. The trampoline will all along give you a comfortable surface that protects your back from overworking.

Focus on Improving Heart Health

Bouncing on your rectangular trampoline will target your thighs and glutes. Bouncing will force you into doing a full routine of squats – only that it will be more fun. Since you will spend more energy maintaining the bounce, you will also improve coordination and balance while burning more fat and bad cholesterol.

Target Muscles With Push Hops

Thinking of your arms as tiny legs as you jump on the trampoline will expand your workout options. Alternate between bouncing to doing push ups on the springy surface. This will target your core and upper body muscles without taking away the fun.

The best way to keep working out is by making all your exercise sessions as fun as possible. It is hard to pull this card if you are on a busy schedule and can’t afford to leave the house at regular hours to hit the gym. A sizable trampoline that perhaps collapses and stores away when not in use could be all you need to keep fit and healthy.