4 Ideas for Creating the Safest Bedroom for the Kids

A Kid-Friendly, Pink BedroomData shows that more than 90 percent of injuries among children in Australia are unintentional. These accidents can be so severe they are likewise the leading causes of death among kids 14 years old and below.

Fortunately, many of these child-related accidents are preventable, and as parents, you do not have to look far to start. You can begin in your children’s bedroom.

Here are practical ideas to keep your children’s room safe:

1. Space

Children, particularly toddlers, love to move around. To reduce the risks of tripping and falling over tables and chairs, keep the centre space free from anything. Place all your items near or on the wall, which can offer stability and support.

2. Child-Friendly Furniture

One of the primary causes of home accidents among children is being toppled over by furniture and appliances. Consider the size when buying furniture pieces such as beds, tables, chairs and drawers. Cabinets should be easy to reach and be anchored to the wall. They should also not be several feet taller than your kid.

3. Wooden Doors

Internal wooden doors are ideal for the kids’ room for a variety of reasons. They can be easily customised to bear the children’s name. Children can help in designing the doors as well. These doors are strong and can withstand the rowdiness of the kids. Most of all, you can turn them into sliding doors, reducing the risk of suddenly hurting your child when you open the door.

4. Bean Bags

Bean bags can be so huge that it’s easy for the little ones to crawl inside. Moreover, they can accidentally ingest the bag’s fillings.

Make your home the safest place for kids. These ideas will help you get started on designing a room where your children can feel secure, have fun and be creative.