What Makes a Good Professional Land Surveyor?

A Land surveyor on field using tacheometerOther than the technicalities that determine a good surveyor, other fundamental qualities describe the best in the business. This guide consists of key characteristics and skills that are essential to the role. Use them to decide between two equally experienced and qualified land surveyors.


Effective communication is critical to the smooth running of any land surveying operations. Clear, accurate and confident surveyors ensure clients understand the technicalities of the project. They inform the customer of anything they want to know without using jargons.


It is imperative for a professional land surveyor to have the right equipment. Lack of tools or use of inadequate materials will mean a disaster for your project. It will cause delay and make your project more expensive. As such, a good land surveyor should use tested and calibrated equipment.

To make sure the surveyor has the proper equipment, ask for the practising certificate before allowing the work to commence.


The skills needed are dependent on the type of project you have. Cato Bolam Consultants explains that a qualified and experienced land surveyor should be able to take on any project. Choosing a surveyor who has pursued chartered status is good for your project.

Quality control

The project plan presentation is a positive sign of a quality control by a good land surveyor. Other factors that indicate satisfactory quality include smart and friendly staff both at the site and in the office, an easy to navigate surveyor website and a well-developed brand name.

Testimonials from previous clients, as well as portfolios of similar projects, can likewise help in analysing the level of quality a surveyor provides.

If your surveyor of choice dawns all the above characteristics, then you should be confident that your project would run smoothly. You can expect quality results and peace of mind.