Because You Deserve It! Wedding Splurges That Are Actually Worth It

Wedding dessert and cocktail tablesGetting married is a momentous event to celebrate your success in finding the love of your life. What you’re sure of is that you love your partner and you want your wedding to be perfect without overspending. But as a bride-to-be, you deserve something to splurge on when the church bells start ringing.

Check out the following worthy splurges:

A Dessert Bar

Wedding cakes might have been a must back in the day, but you can finally scrap tradition in this day and age. If you and your fiancé are not cake lovers, then consider spending your budget on a dessert bar that everyone can enjoy. Pay your caterer a little extra and have fun coming up with a menu that you both love. In the end, your guests won’t even notice (or care) that you didn’t cut a cake.

A Photo Booth

Photo booths are available in almost every event; everybody loves taking photos and posting every detail online. This is a great way to lift the spirits of your guests, make them get out of their chairs, and even set their mood for a dance. It can also serve as an icebreaker for guests who just met and aren’t familiar with one another.

A Great Wedding Reception

A comfortable and beautiful wedding reception venue also plays an important role in setting the mood for the entire event. notes that the venue must provide an elegant atmosphere, a delectable menu, and a professional staff.

A Videographer

Photos can speak a thousand words, but videos can capture your true emotions better. You’ll be too busy during the event that you’ll miss out on what really happens while you’re caught up in something else. Video clips taken during the wedding and reception are sure to make you laugh upon seeing how the event went, and you’ll be grateful for the moments you truly enjoyed.

Your wedding is the day where you get to live your fairytale dreams. You deserve to be happy on your big day. Try one of these ideas to have a memorable kick-off to a lifetime of potentially endless happiness.