5 Things Your Business Needs That You May Have Overlooked

A group of people planning A restaurant, a retail store, and many other similar businesses that welcome customers to their premises have various needs to make their business attractive to people. A restaurant, for example, needs a menu of great food, a comfortable dining area, and the right ambience. A supermarket should have aisles wide enough for shoppers pushing carts to pass each other. There are plenty of considerations when opening up shop.

It is not limited to the ideas that instantly come to mind when you’re planning your business, though. There are some basic things people need that you should incorporate in your planning. Here are some of them.

Enough Parking Spaces

The bigger your store, the more parking spaces you need. A shopper who couldn’t find an area in the parking lot will drive to the next supermarket, and will likely keep going there, passing your business every time.

Parking Area Lighting

People want to feel safe all the time. They won’t feel comfortable parking where there are no lights to make them feel secure. The same goes for your employees. This concern is not without basis, as darkness is a mugger’s or a car thief’s best friend.

Cycle Parking

Not all people who go to your establishment do so in a car. Some of them ride bicycles or motorcycles. You want them to feel welcome, as well. Cycle shelters may be the difference between a shopper’s decision to shop in your establishment or move on to another. Some of your employees will also appreciate secure parking for their bicycles, mopeds, or motorcycles.

PWD Ramps

Aside from designated PWD parking spaces, there should be PWD ramps and handlebars where there are steps. If you have more than one floor, your business needs an elevator for PWDs, the elderly, and pregnant women.


Even with all that lighting, a parking space or a big box store has enough real estate to make monitoring a challenge. This is why you need security. Roving security personnel in the parking and loading docks or warehouse, security guards at the gate and the doors, and plainclothes in the shopping area.

These are not the only needs your business has, of course, but it’s a good list for a start. Thinking about such things during preparation can make your establishment more accessible, comfortable, and secure for your customers and employees.