Build the Backyard of Your Dreams

A backyard that's been landscaped and designedYou might be looking at your backyard and thinking of a way to use that extra space for something that invites relaxation and calm. If you’re at a loss on what to do with that extra space, consider adding features that would complement your home design and landscaping plans.
Here are a few structures that you could build using cedar or other natural materials to complement your landscape.

Studio Shed

A backyard studio shed is a great addition to your home if you need extra space. Most people use these structures as a separate home office, or even a hobby studio. These are your typical garden sheds, but often built to fit your specific function or need.


You can build this as a freestanding structure separate from the main house. It has an open roof supported by columns. You can use this to cover a path or walkway to your garden, gazebo, or granny flat.


An open-sided structure often built of wood. A gazebo is built in an octagon shape with a solid roof, and sometimes screens are added to prevent insects from entering the space. Homeowners who want an area for relaxation often build gazebos if they have a large enough space.


This is similar to a pergola, but it has a closed roof. The roof provides shade from the sun, while the lack of walls allows the wind to cool anyone under its protective roof. Some designers also call it a pavilion.


This is a small arch often used as a passageway but also is used as a support for vines and other climbing plants. You can have this built as an entryway to your garden or sun deck.
There are many things you can build in your backyard. Choose a structure or feature that complements your house design. Ask your contractor which material suits your ideas best. These companies can give you the information and expertise you need to build what you’ve always dreamt of having in your landscaping dreams.