Basic Types of Commercial Tents

Large commercial tentOutdoor tents are the best option for outdoor gatherings and events. The open space adds beauty to your function. Customised large industrial tents are useful in storage, inventory, and corporate functions. When buying or renting a tent, you need to consider its type according to factors such as weather conditions and grounds. Here are different kinds of tents to consider when deciding the best fit for you.

Pole Tents

These tents’ support is from the centre and perimeter poles. It relies on tension from tie downs and the stakes to maintain the roof stability. They are quite spacious because you can extend them to higher heights or wider. They are also light and easy to put up. However, the tents rely on tension for stability. As such, you’ll need more space around them to allow for the required placement of stakes. This means you cannot put them right next to a building.

Tension Tents

Like pole tents, tension tents rely on the support from the centre. However, tension tents’ rely on suspension rather than poles fixed on the ground. Tension tents have taller peaks, compared with pole tents. They are, in fact, sometimes called high-peak tents. The peaks have better wind resistance, and they avoid water accumulation on the tents.

Frame Tents

Aluminium frames form the tent structure with a tent cloth covering the frame. These tents offer enough ventilation with a clear view. They are flexible and can be useful near buildings or even indoors. They are significantly more costly and heavier compared with other tent types. They also require more labour and special hardware to put up.

Large tents have become a staple in a number of functions (yes, even weddings). Now that you know the basic types of industrial tents, you can better informed about which type to use for the function you are planning. If you want an extra flare on your tent for corporate events, customise it with your company logo or colourful graphics.